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Custom Metal Finishing

Your parts aren't quite done until they have been customized to your specifications. We will provide any one of our custom finishes on your metal fabrication parts.


Nu-Way's custom metal finishing services include:


    - Finishing

    - Metal Polishing

    - Powder coating

    - Silk screening

    - Metal Polishing


After production is complete on metal fabricated parts, grinding will remove any burrs or areas that aren't level and even.


Metal Polishing can be used in conjunction with grinding or on its own. Polishing removes what is left over from grinding the metal and smoothes the surface.


Powder Coating:


Nu-Way has the equipment to powder coat parts of all sizes. Our powder coating custom finishing is done by computerized process controls and automated application equipment for complete accuracy every time.


Silk Screening:


Nu-Way silk screening is done in-house, like all of our finishings. We will silk screen things from company logos to instructions -whatever you need imprinted on your parts.


Nu-Way has 5 different colors to choose from for all silk screen designs.


Pad Printing:


We also have the capabilities to do pad printing—which enables us to print your choice of designs on three-dimensional parts.