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Cellular Manufacturing and Automation

Cellular Manufacturing:


Nu-Way provides customers whose production needs demand it with dedicated manufacturing cells. These cells provide the additional flexibility needed to respond quickly to changing production requirements. Nu-Way is currently using KANBAN J.I.T. and Demand Pull methods to partner with several customers, eliminating unnecessary inventory.


The decision to create a cell is determined by many factors, but chief among them is the relationship between our customer and Nu-Way. Cellular manufacturing works best when approached as a joint venture with our customers. Dedicated manufacturing cells are one more way for Nu-Way to provide its customers with the best service possible.


Why Automated Fabrication Centers?


Nu-Way's automation center allows us to fabricate mass quantities of metal parts quickly and efficiently—providing our customers with the ultimate in quality products at competitive prices. We have highly automated manufacturing facilities, boasting leading edge technology, which gives us a competitive advantage.


Among our many forms of automated assembly, we have a dedicated automation center, fully equipped with Finn-Power automation machines. Using automated robotics, Finn-Power enables us to do the following for our customers:


Reduce costs

Save time

Maintain precision


At Nu-Way, we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality products at competitive prices and exceeding all of our customers' expectations. Our quickly expanding automation center helps make that possible.


More Nu-Way Automation Benefits:


With minimal supervision and contact, fully robotic automation machines are programmed to fabricate parts accurately and efficiently cutting down on man-power and hours spent. This makes it possible to provide everything we promise every time.


Some added benefits of the Finn-Power automation machine are that it is self-managing and knows how to inventory products.


Nu-Way in collaboration with Finn-Power Automation is proud to be considered the premier showcase facility in North America. With its fully automated fabrication technology, Finn-Power and Nu-Way are moving together towards the future of automation.